Bible School Overview

At the Bible school “Anointing abundance and excess ” there are eight courses: “The Calling”, “The Faith”, “The Wisdom of God”, “The Word of God”, “The law of sowing and reaping”, “The guidance the Holy Spirit”, “The Gifts of the Holy Spirit”, “The Glory” .

The Advantages of our Bible school:
– Free Education
– No Exams
– Free access to all educational materials on our website
– Learn at any convenient time for you
– Forms of education – you choose by yourself

Forms of education:
– Stationary
– Extramural
– Online

Stationary education takes place in the evening, once a week for each course. Schedule here. Students who study in stationary form are provided with free audio materials of lessons.
The program for self-study is made on the basis of the stationary. All course materials are on CD- and DVD-ROM. Lessons of the Bible school are available on the website in the audio, video and written formats and it’s a free download.
Learning materials are available at the office in Kyiv. For nonresident students, materials will be mailed to them.
Learning in Bible school is conducted on the basis of voluntary donations (partnerships).
For more information, please call +38 (044) 278-81-44 or write to us at: