Part 1
1. Become part of the Church.
2. Begin to serve in this Church.
3. Act in accordance with the vision of this Church.
4. Be active in the life of the Church.
5. Be sociable with the members of the Church.
6. Read spiritual authority.
7. Remember, you are part of the body (Church) of Jesus Christ

Part 2
1. School is not Church, it’s for Church.
2. The school does not replace Church.
3. The teacher of the school is not Alpha and Omega.
4. The teacher’s name do not give you salvation.
5. You will not learn in the school forever.
6. Jesus comes not for the school; He will come for His Church.
7. The school does not exclude or complements the vision of Churches.

School “The Anointing of Abundance and Excess “— is a step,
don’t stop on it forever, do a step further!